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Cate Blanchett Stars in "Uncanny Valley" By Alex Prager

Artist Alex Prager explains the film: “I wrote a script about a scientist who creates robots in his lover’s likeness. Their plan is to help society, but it all goes wrong. The scientist decides to destroy the robots, but they kill him and her instead and take off. I’ve been reading a lot about what’s going on in the world of artificial intelligence—the title *Uncanny Valley* refers to the unsettling feeling elicited by humanoid objects—and it’s not such a crazy scenario.”

Released on 9/5/2018


Starring: Cate Blanchett

WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY Alex Prager PRODUCED BY Jeremy Dawson STARRING Cate Blanchett EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Laura Holmes DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Sam Goldie PRODUCTION DESIGNER Arthur De Borman EDITED BY Matt Chessé COSTUME DESIGNER Sara Moonves MUSIC BY Ali Helnwein A BIG VALLEY PICTURES Presentation In Association With W MAGAZINE POST PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR Erica Frauman LINE PRODUCER Clementine Azis FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Chris Mears PRODUCTION MANAGER Suzi Simms ASSISTANT EDITOR Matthew Sweat SUPERVISING SOUND EDITOR / SOUND DESIGNER / RE-RECORDING MIXER Christopher Scarabosio VISUAL EFFECTS PRODUCER Sonia Marques DIGITAL INTERMEDIATE COLORIST Gregg Garvin TITLE DESIGN Playtime 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA Jerry Pradon 2nd ASSISTANT CAMERA Ines Da Costa Duarte GAFFER Terry Edland GENERATOR OPERATOR Marian Cojocaru ELECTRICIAN Rik Burnell GRIP Jay Matthews DIT Dan Turner DIRECTOR’S ASSISTANT Lisa Ziven HAIR STYLIST Sam McKnight MAKEUP ARTIST Mary Greenwell SPECIAL FX DESIGNER John Nolan PROSTHETIC ARTIST Sunita Parmar MANICURIST Adam Slee HAIR STYLIST’S ASSISTANT Fabio Petri MAKEUP ASSISTANT Andjelka Matic TAILOR Della George STUNT COORDINATOR AND MS. BLANCHETT’S BODY DOUBLE #1 Zarene Dallas MS. BLANCHETT’S BODY DOUBLE #2 Beth Riesgraf PROP CAR DRIVER Jamie Robinson UNIT DRIVERS Richard Downs, Billy Clarke & Robert Neil ART DEPARTMENT ASSISTANTS Nicholas Hancock & Daniel Edwards VFX ASSISTANT May Ziade COSTUME ASSISTANTS Allia Alliata, Angelique De Raffaele & Izzy Temp PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Lily Breuer, Louis Headlam, Caspar Bucknall, Josh Bratt & Ania Piec SCORE RECORDED AND MIXED BY Jason LaRocca SCORE RECORDING ASSISTANT Mike Bouska SCORE MIXED AT La-Rocc-A-Fella Center VISUAL EFFECTS PRODUCTION EXECUTIVE Vanessa Messidor ASSOCIATE VISUAL EFFECTS SUPERVISOR Christopher Maslen CG SUPERVISOR Sergey Kononenko VISUAL EFFECTS ASSISTANT Jade Quintal LEAD MATTE PAINTER Nicolas Fidala LEAD MODELING Florian Suc SHADE & TEXTURE Marque-Pierre Sodergaard COMPOSITING ARTISTS Loic Laurelut, Christopher Maslen, Mario Donio, Maxime Monette TRACKING & LAYOUT Marwan El-Ghazal, Alexandre Corbin VISUAL EFFECTS ARTISTS Jimmy Fovet, Daniel Hernandez Post Services Provided by Roundabout Entertainment, Inc. DIGITAL INTERMEDIATE EDITOR Craig C. Price DIGITAL INTERMEDIATE PRODUCER Carl Moore With special thanks to: Nadia McLeod & Panavision, Gareth Powell & GAS Production Hire, Wagon Wheels, Vroom With A View. Josh Lowden, Eva Porter, Justin Rose, Alexandra Ben-Gurion, Shayan Asadi Post Production Sound Services by Skywalker Sound A Lucasfilm Ltd. Company Marin County, California


(instrumental music)
(shutters clacking)
(dramatic music)
(car door opening and closing)
(dramatic music)
(intense music)
[Announcer] A series of strange incidents
at the hardware and software facilities
sprinkled across eight counties, as well as a surge
of unexplained chatter in cyber space,
have authorities perplexed
and worried about a coming AI crisis.
(dramatic music)