Kristen Wiig & Jane Fonda as Hannibal Lecter will Chill Your Bones

Anthony Hopkins immortalized him in the Oscar-winning film “Silence of the Lambs,” but in this latest episode of “Casting Call,” Hannibal Lecter gets a female makeover. Watch, as Kristen Wiig, Jane Fonda, Carey Mulligan, Mya Taylor, and Greta Gerwig audition for the role of the cannibalistic doctor.

Released on 2/16/2016


Starring: Kristen Wiig, Jane Fonda, Carey Mulligan, Greta Gerwig, and Mya Taylor

Producer: Evan T. Cohen, Editor: Lynn Hirschberg, Cinematographer: David Rodriguez & Matt Klammer, Sound: Brain Rainwater & Michael Guggino, Gaffer: Silvestre Rios & Jason De Jesus