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Cardi B's W Magazine Cover: Get An Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Singer's Photo Shoot

Go behind the scenes with W's Volume 7 cover star Cardi B.

Released on 10/9/2018


Starring: Cardi B

Videographer: Emily Lipson. 2nd Camera: David Gorvy, Greg O'Connell. Editing: Tilden Bissell. Photography: Mickalene Thomas. Stylist: Kollin Carter. Choreography: Racquel Chevremont. Hair: Tokyo Stylez at Chris Aaron Management; Makeup: Erika La' Pearl for Marc Jacobs at GKG Management; Manicures: Jenny Bui at The Teknique Agency; Set Design: Nicholas Des Jardins at Streeters. Producer: Blayke Kogan at Rosco Production; Production Coordinator: May Lin Le Goff; Photography Assistants: Athena Torri, Guillermo Cano; Digital Technician: Nick Bean; Production Assistants: Benjamin Merker, Daniel Hanson, Ewelina Nietupska, Eric Soucy, Laszlo Meresz; Set Design Assistants: Gautum Sahi, Eddie Ballard; Fashion Assistants: Vincent Smith, Sara Taffel, Justin Tyree Clark, Kendall Cordes; Tailors: Lucy Falk and Alexander Koutny at Christy Rilling Studio.


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