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Holiday Bling

Dress the tree with some extra festive jewels this season. Video by Therese Aldgard, styled by Claudia Mata. Paper artist: Daniel Sean Murphy.

Show Credits
W Magazine Fashion Films
Released on 12/25/2015
Starring: Claudia Mata and Daniel Sean Murphy

In order of appearance: Nam Cho gold, rhodium, ruby, and diamond flower earring, $4,570 per pair, ASHA by ADM vermeil and topaz stud earring, $195 per pair, Jemma Wynne gold, ruby, and diamond ear climber, $5,880 per pair, Aurélie Bidermann gold, ruby, and diamond apple earring, $13,535, Finn Jewelry gold and ruby heart stud, $890, Elizabeth Locke gold stud earring, $1,850 per pair, Colette gold, ruby, and diamond heart earring, $5,600 per pair, David Yurman gold and garnet earring, $1,100 per pair, Jennifer Alfano gold and ruby stud earring, $895 per pair, Forty Five Ten, Dallas, 214.559.4510. Sydney Evan gold, ruby, and diamond cherry stud earring, $905 per pair, Marco Bicego gold and garnet earring, $495 per pair, Nam Cho gold, rhodium, ruby, and diamond star stud earring, $4,000 per pair, Mitchells, Westport, Connecticut, 203.227.5165.