Lyrical Improv

2 seasons, 15 episodes

A cast of celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Chris Evans, and Gigi Hadid dramatically read the lyrics of songs from artists like Prince, Drake, and Justin Bieber in this series of videos.

Season 2

Celebrities Amy Adams Has "I Will Survive" Memorized Amy Adams knows Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" so well, she can perform it from memory. Her next challenge: Adding choreography. See pro karaoke-er Amy Adams take on "I Will Survive," here.
Celebrities Chris Pine's Surprising Performance of "I Will Survive" Vocally speaking, Chris Pine is a total expert. Look no further than his soprano warm-up for evidence before he launches into "I Will Survive" (with a quick apology to its original singer, Gloria Gaynor). As inauguration weekend looms ever closer, Pine is just one of several stars reimagining Gaynor's hit disco track as an anthem of empowerment amid an already gloomy 2017.
Celebrities Taraji P. Henson Gets Down to "I Will Survive" — With a Few Embellishments 'Empire' actress Taraji P. Henson, who stars in the new film 'Hidden Figures,' knows "I Will Survive" is a track best performed with gusto. She ad-libs and dances her way through the Gloria Gaynor hit in this dramatic remix.
Celebrities Emma Stone Proves Her Vocal Chops with "I Will Survive" In 'La La Land,' the Golden Globe-winning movie-musical by Damien Chazelle, Emma Stone plays an aspiring actress — who occasionally bursts into song. Stone, who previously starred in the Broadway revival of 'Cabaret,' can carry a tune IRL, too. Here, she flexes her vocal muscles with a rich rendition of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive."
Celebrities Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, and More Stars of the Year's Best Films Get Really, Really Into "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor "This is going to be interesting," says actor Andrew Garfield. "It may get too real." With the inauguration fast approaching, an all-star cast of Hollywood celebrities come together to improvise the 1979 hit "I Will Survive." Among those channeling their inner Gloria Gaynor are Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Matthew McConaughey, Chris Pine, Hailee Steinfeld, Felicity Jones, and Taraji P. Henson, the stars of the season's finest films, and of W's annual Best Performances portfolio.