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Celebrities Kit Harington Gets No Attention With a Birthday Right After Christmas Kit Harington talks about what it's like to have a birthday the day after Christmas and how he typically spends it in a pub in his hometown.
Celebrities Jodie Foster's Favorite Birthdays Jodie Foster talks about her favorite birthdays, including spending her 50th in a hotel room with her dog after hiking all day.
Celebrities Tye Sheridan Enjoys the Simplicity of a Birthday Dinner with His Family Tye Sheridan talks about how he used to go to out to dinner with his family and how he enjoyed the simplicity of it.
Celebrities What Happened on Kiernan Shipka's Sweet 16? Kiernan Shipka tells us what she did on her 16th Birthday.
Celebrities Kendall Jenner Rented Out Magic Mountain on Her Birthday On her 18th birthday, Kendall Jenner rented out Magic Mountain with 50 of her friends for a private party where she got to ride Tatsu and X2, her favorite rides.
Celebrities Willow Smith Spent Her Birthday Chilling on the Beach with Friends Willow Smith tells the story of how she spent her favorite birthday last year chilling on the beach with friends and watching the sunset.
Celebrities Jacob Tremblay Got to Stay Up Until 8pm on His Birthday Jacob Tremblay talks about how he got to play 3D, glow in the dark mini-golf, jump around on a jungle gym, eat a dope chocolate cake, and stay up until 8pm on his birthday.
Celebrities Nicky Hilton's Wild 21st Birthday in Vegas Nicky Hilton Rothschild tells the story of how she spent her 21st Birthday in the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas dancing and winning at gambling.
Celebrities Melissa Benoist Wore a Technicolor Dreamcoat on Her Birthday Melissa Benoist discusses her love for Joesph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and the 11th birthday party her parents threw for her based on that theme.
Parties Alicia Vikander’s First Birthday Away from Home with Her Future Best Friend Alicia Vikander's lonely first birthday away from home was made into the best one by the appearance of her future best friend carrying a cupcake with a candle in it.
Celebrities Molly Shannon Threw Her Daughter a Scavenger Hunt Birthday The "Other People" actress Molly Shannon opened up about the best birthday party she's ever been to--her daughter's.
Celebrities On His Birthday, Hugh Grant Usually Throws a Tantrum ... And he has since he was a young boy. Actor Hugh Grant, who recounts his most memorable birthday parties here, isn't a huge fan of birthdays — so definitely don't throw him a surprise party.
Celebrities Zendaya's Favorite Birthday Featured a Very Surprising Homecoming 'Spiderman's newest cast member Zendaya recalls her favorite birthday, which featured an appearance by a surprise visitor who showed up at her Los Angeles home.
Celebrities Richard Gere Invited Some Influential Strangers to His 50th Birthday For his 50th birthday, Richard Gere's wife threw him a birthday party that featured appearances from a few of his greatest influences. Plus, he got up on stage and played with the band, because, as he says, "It was my birthday party. I could do whatever I wanted."
Parties Halle Berry Has Never Had A Birthday Party Halle Berry tells us all about her favorite birthday...or...uh...her lack of one.
Celebrities Kristen Wiig Filmed An Awkward Sex Scene On Her Birthday Kristen Wiig tells us about the vicious, "pumping attack" that occurred on the set of MacGruber on her birthday.
Parties Charlize Theron's Surprise Party Nearly Gave Her A Heart Attack Charlize Theron is a tough lady to surprise, but that's just what happened this one time.
Celebrities Greta Gerwig's 30th Birthday Featured Karaoke, Blackouts & Concussions On Greta Gerwig's 30th birthday, she ended up in a small karaoke bar in Chinatown and partied with the regulars. Someone may have ended up with a concussion as well...
Celebrities Kate Beckinsale Asked Ed Norton For a Favor on Her Daughter's Birthday Taking a break from promoting her film "Love & Friendship" at the Sundance Film Festival, actress Kate Beckinsale recalled the special surprise she made for her daughter on her birthday.
Celebrities How Priyanka Chopra Ended Up Celebrating Her Birthday... With Bono Quantico's Priyanka Chopra loves rock stars — so how better to ring in her thirties than with a private serenade from U2 frontman Bono himself?
Celebrities Chiwetel Ejiofor Doesn't Remember His Favorite Birthday Chiwetel Ejiofor tells the story behind a very special birthday photo.
Celebrities Margot Robbie Went All-Out For Her 24th Birthday On Margot Robbie's 24th birthday, she recruited a group of friends for a 24-hour marathon party — starting with a champagne breakfast at 9 a.m., and ending with a champagne breakfast at... 9 a.m. She tells the story, here: "We all looked great" by the end, she says.
Celebrities Joel Edgerton's Very Special Star Wars Birthday Joel tells the story of his 26th birthday in Sydney.
Celebrities Why Paul Dano Spent His 21st Birthday in Hiding Paul Dano talks about filming 'Little Miss Sunshine' on his 21st birthday. Producer: Evan T. Cohen Producer: Nickolas James Editor: Lynn Hirschberg Cinematographer: David Rodriguez & Matt Klammer Sound: Brain Rainwater & Michael Guggino Gaffer: Silvestre Rios & Jason De Jesus
Celebrities Chris Evans' Favorite Birthday Was at the Roller Skate Rink Chris Evans tells us his favorite birthday memories. Director - Lynn Hirschberg Producer - Evan T. Cohen Producer - Nickolas James Editor - Chris Dawson Cinematographer - Ali Cengiz Gaffer - Nick Perron-Siegel Sound - Marcelo Lessa Production Assistant - Patrick Linberg
Celebrities Maika Monroe Made Everyone Wear A Cast For Her 6th Grade Birthday Maika Monroe tells us the story of her 6th birthday, featuring a shattered arm.
Celebrities Domhnall Gleeson On His Soul-Crushing 20th Birthday Domhnall Gleeson reveals his worst birthday, when he left his teen years and felt a crushing weight of responsibility, as well as his best, which left him with nightmares for "a long time." Producer: Evan T. Cohen Editor: Lynn Hirschberg Cinematographer: David Rodriguez & Matt Klammer Sound: Brain Rainwater & Michael Guggino Gaffer: Silvestre Rios & Jason De Jesus
Celebrities Why Rami Malek Has Always Had To Share His Birthday 'Mr. Robot' actor Rami Malek recalls a bowling alley birthday surprise with his twin brother — and wonders, "Who doesn't like surprises?" Director – Lynn Hirschberg Producer – Evan T. Cohen Cinematographer – Ali Cengiz Sound – Marcelo Lessa Gaffer – Nick Perron-Siegel Editor – Chris Dawson
Celebrities Rebecca Hall Doesn't Want to Name Drop But Johnny Depp Bought Her the Best Birthday Present On the set of "Transcendence," Johnny Depp gave his co-star, the actress Rebecca Hall, the best birthday present ever. Find out what it was here.
Celebrities Rooney Mara's 18th Birthday Was Not Like a Typical Teenager's It involved a piñata at a youth hostel in Peru.
Celebrities J. Lo's Favorite Birthday Party Sounds Like a Movie Premiere J. Lo relives her favorite birthday memory, which sounds more like a movie premiere than a birthday party.
Celebrities Saoirse Ronan's 21st Birthday Was Spent at the Most Magical Place on Earth "It was the best day of my life." Producer: Evan T. Cohen, Editor: Lynn Hirschberg, Cinematographer: David Rodriguez & Matt Klammer, Sound: Brain Rainwater & Michael Guggino, Gaffer: Silvestre Rios & Jason De Jesus
Celebrities Jesse Plemons' Favorite Birthday Involved an Expensive, 30-Hour Train Ride An impromptu train trip with your best friends? What better way is there to turn 22. Jesse Plemons reflects on his favorite birthday at the Sundance Film Festival.
Celebrities 70 Years Later, Michael Caine Still Remembers His Poignant 11th Birthday “I was in hysterics,” the Brit actor says of the day when he was reunited with his father — a World War Two veteran — after three years. His father’s homecoming happened to also be his birthday. “I was sort of crying with laughter, put it that way.”
Celebrities Bryan Cranston’s Wife Rented Dodger Stadium for his 40th Birthday Bryan Cranston's wife rented out Dodger Stadium for his surprise 40th birthday party.
Celebrities "Diary of a Teenage Girl" Star Bel Powley Had an Entire Broadway Theater Sing Her Happy Birthday Bel Powley celebrated her 19th birthday while performing a play on Broadway. Thanks to her castmate Billy Crudup, an entire theater of people joined the party.
Celebrities Peter Sarsgaard’s Favorite Birthday Was A Giant Impromptu Jam Session Peter Sarsgaard shares his favorite birthday memory, and it involves a lot of live music, but fortunately not the "Happy Birthday" song.
Celebrities Benicio del Toro’s Astronaut-Themed Birthday Sounds Kind of Wonderful For his fourth birthday actor Benicio del Toro dressed up like an astronaut. The Oscar winner recounts his favorite celebration and explains how it put him on the path to becoming an actor.
Celebrities Elizabeth Banks’ Best Birthday Was Also a Baby Shower Elizabeth Banks recalls her favorite birthday celebration that doubled as a baby shower.
Celebrities Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Favorite Birthday Almost Gave Her a Heart Attack They took place more than 30 years apart, but Jennifer Jason Leigh’s two favorite birthdays inspired a sense of awe and surprise—one of them so much so that the pure shock nearly gave her a heart attack.
Celebrities Eddie Redmayne Reveals His Love of Magic Before he was an Oscar winner, Eddie Redmayne was just a nine-year-old kid who was obsessed with magic. “The Danish Girl” star reflects back on his favorite magic-themed birthday.
Celebrities Bradley Cooper’s Best Birthday Involved a McDonald’s, Egg McMuffins & the Jersey Shore Bradley Cooper’s 8th birthday took place more than 30 years ago, but it still holds up as the actor’s favorite. Watch as the Oscar nominee recalls his memorable celebration at the golden arches.
Celebrities Jane Fonda Loved Turning 75—Thanks to Her Ex Husbands Jane Fonda spent her 75th birthday amongst 150 friends, including several ex-husband—and loved every minute of it. Here, the actress elaborates on why her diamond jubilee was her favorite birthday celebration.
Celebrities Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals His Favorite Birthday Memory (Hint: It Involves Medieval Times) He’s not a fan of big birthdays, but he still has high expectations. In honor of his 35th birthday Jake Gyllenhall reflects on his favorite celebration at Medieval Times, where he donned a jousting outfit and wooden sword, and ate chicken with his bare hands.