Birthday Stories

2 seasons, 64 episodes

From a memorable childhood celebration at Medieval Times to an all-out 75th bash (with multiple exes in attendance), watch as Bradley Cooper, Eddie Redmayne, Amy Schumer, and more, recall their favorite birthday memories with W’s Editor at Large Lynn Hirschberg.

Season 2

Celebrities James Corden Never Thought He'd Have 35 People at His Birthday Party James Corden's favorite birthday was at the critically acclaimed Italian restaurant Osteria Mozza on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Corden's friend Lucien asked the talk show host if he ever imagined having dinner with so many friends when the British comedian first moved to L.A. two years ago. The question caused James to really appreciate how far he's come.
Celebrities Andrew Garfield's Favorite Birthday Was a Strange, Magical 'Trip' at Disneyland Andrew Garfield ate some special brownies with friends at Disneyland and rode Space Mountain three times in a row then freaked out on the It's a Small World ride. Garfield and his cronies broke out an impromptu, choreographed dance to the music playing at Fantasyland. The actor admits he was so overcome by the amusement park that he almost bought a Chewbacca back-pack.
Celebrities Casey Affleck's Mom Hired a Backyard Belly Dancer For His Favorite Birthday Casey Affleck's birthday is only three days separated from his brother Ben Affleck's, so they typically have a joint birthday party. One year, their mom hired a belly dancer who performed in their backyard for friends and parents.
Celebrities Chris Hemsworth Got a Surfboard He Couldn't Wax on His Favorite Birthday Chris Hemsworth's favorite birthday was when he turned 15. On that day, the actor who plays Thor received a brand new surfboard from his parents. Even after all the fame and fortune Hemsworth has earned, he still thinks back to that surfboard he couldn't bring himself to wax.
Celebrities Brit Marling Was She-Ra Princess of Power on Her Favorite Birthday Brit Marling's favorite birthday was when she turned 4 and dressed up as She-Ra Princess of Power aka The Most Powerful Woman in the Universe. Don't worry, the normally revealing She-Ra costume was designed to be more kid-appropriate. Her friends at the party could only dress up as ancillary characters, but not one He-Man showed up. Now, Marling's thinking of throwing another She-Ra birthday party just so some He-Man characters attend.
Celebrities Michael Shannon Was Genuinely Surprised at His 30th Birthday Party Michael Shannon's favorite birthday was a total surprise. For his 30th birthday, Shannon's friends threw him a surprise party at Weeds bar in Chicago. Contrary to popular belief, Shannon liked the surprise, mostly because it was a great turnout. Shannon admits it wasn't difficult to get him to go to the bar and confesses that he didn't scream, but he did lose control of one bodily function.
Celebrities Milo Ventimiglia's Favorite Birthdays Had Batman and Bowling Milo Ventimiglia can't pick just one favorite birthday, he's got three! The "This Is Us" actor's first pick was when he turned 21 and ghosted everyone to eat pizza and watch movies at a hotel by himself. His second choice was when he was a kid and had a Batman-themed party to express his love for Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne. Ventimiglia's last choice was his 39th, when he was surrounded by all the people who've made a positive impact on his life.
Celebrities Joel Edgerton Hulked Out During His Least Favorite Birthday Joel Edgerton's least favorite birthday was when he turned five years old. On that special day, the actor dressed up like The Incredible Hulk and tried to "Hulk out" by jumping off a wall, but ended up winded and crying.
Celebrities Nicole Kidman's Favorite Birthday Had a Sexy Fireworks Show Nicole Kidman's favorite birthday was when the actress turned 40 years old. While Kidman was shooting her film "Australia", her husband, Keith Urban, put together a huge fireworks display just for her.
Celebrities Annette Bening's Favorite Birthday Taught Her A Very Important Lesson Annette Bening's favorite birthday was when she turned 16 years old. She didn't receive the typical, full-blown sweet sixteen that some young women revel in. Instead, there wasn't much fanfare other than her mother's gift: a clock! Ironic that as time has passed, the lesson learned has been immeasurable.
Celebrities Ruth Negga Reveals She's Embarrassed By Her Birthday And Doesn't Know Why Actress Ruth Negga (Preacher, Loving, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) confesses that she's funny about her birthday and is somewhat embarrassed by it. Turns out Negga always finds herself working on her birthday. However, when it comes to her childhood birthdays, all she cared about was cake and sweets.
Celebrities Barbra Streisand's Favorite Birthday Was So Beautiful She Fell Off A Chair Singer-actress Barbra Streisand’s favorite birthday was when her son, Jason Gould, surprised her with a mammoth multimedia presentation. Gould presented an amazing film he’d made for his mother that featured pictures of them from when he was a baby. Jason also sang a song and played a record that was so beautiful she literally fell off her chair! From that point on, she and her son traveled together on tour to sing almost every night.
Celebrities Gigi Hadid Had a Kobe Bryant Cake at Her Best Birthday Party Ever Model Gigi Hadid’s favorite birthday was when she turned 13. The Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model went to a Los Angeles Lakers game with her parents and friends where she got to see her favorite player Kobe Bryant. Hadid wore a yellow and purple wig, her Kobe Bryant jersey, and even had a Kobe Bryant cake.
Celebrities Anya Taylor-Joy Was Starstruck by Saoirse Ronan On Her Birthday In this episode of Birthday Stories, actress Anya Taylor-Joy (from "Split", "Morgan", and "The Witch") talks about her favorite birthday. She says her parents took her to see the 2016 Broadway revival of Arthur Miller's The Crucible. That's when she was absolutely starstruck by "Brooklyn" actress Saoirse Ronan. Taylor-Joy admits she had no chill and needed to take a breather after hanging out with Saoirse. The two starlets hit it off over witches!
Celebrities Elle Fanning Loved Her Chuck E. Cheese's Birthday Party So Much, She Got Up to Dance with the Mouse Elle Fanning’s most memorable birthday party took place at the "essential spot" Chuck E. Cheese’s. Fanning, ever the bold one, got up to dance with the mascot himself while the rest of her friends' parents looked on in awe — and she has video footage to prove it.
Celebrities Dakota Fanning's 10th Birthday Featured Robert De Niro in a Party Hat When you ask Dakota Fanning to name her favorite birthday, she gets stuck between her 10th and her 21st. For her 10th birthday, Robert De Niro and the rest of the cast of "Hide and Seek" threw her a surprise party, featuring "Bob" in a party hat, while her 21st? "Wild."
Celebrities Cindy Crawford's Perfect Birthday is a Baked Potato with Caviar Cindy Crawford likes other people's birthdays more than her own. Ideally she would spend hers doing something low key, like eating a baked potato with caviar with her kids, something she doesn't eat during the rest of the year.
Celebrities Mahershala Ali Spent His Best Birthday Stranded with Video Games at Circus Circus Mahershala Ali got stranded in Reno due to a blizzard on the way to a family retreat in Lake Tahoe for a surprise birthday party. While stuck for two days, they made the best of it by playing video games at the Circus Circus casino.
Celebrities Julia Louis-Dreyfus's Favorite Birthday Involved Bowling in a "Groovy Vest" In fourth grade, 'Veep' star Julia Louis-Dreyfus received a suede vest — complete with fringe — for her birthday. Then, naturally, she wore it bowling. See the actress recount her best birthday memory (and its memorable fashion moment) on the occasion of her 56th birthday.
Celebrities Irina Shayk Took a Birthday Night Swim in the Indian Ocean Irina Shayk and five of her girlfriends went to Maldives for her birthday and snuck out to take a night time swim in the Indian Ocean against the advice of the hotel staff. Don't worry, though, they wore shoes.