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Celebrities Here Are the Real Heroes of the Kardashian Jenner Family Empire Kylie Jenner's housekeeper and Kim Kardashian's former assistant, Stephanie Shepherd, are the real heroes of the Kardashian and Jenner family's empire. Kylie Jenner recently revealed that she uses her housekeeper's arm to show off makeup on Snapchat. Shepherd started off as Kim Kardashian's assistant and is now her Chief Operating Officer with an assistant of her own.
Celebrities Nicole Kidman's Favorite Birthday Had a Sexy Fireworks Show Nicole Kidman's favorite birthday was when the actress turned 40 years old. While Kidman was shooting her film "Australia", her husband, Keith Urban, put together a huge fireworks display just for her.
Celebrities A 7-Year-Old Interviews Katy Perry With her new album "Witness" just around the corner, the pop star Katy Perry sits down for an interview with a 7-year-old girl named Poppy, to talk about everything from when she first started loving music and her favorite songs to roller skating and hula hooping.
Celebrities Annette Bening's Favorite Birthday Taught Her A Very Important Lesson Annette Bening's favorite birthday was when she turned 16 years old. She didn't receive the typical, full-blown sweet sixteen that some young women revel in. Instead, there wasn't much fanfare other than her mother's gift: a clock! Ironic that as time has passed, the lesson learned has been immeasurable.
Celebrities Goldie Hawn's Marvelous Hair Highlights Through The Years W Magazine presents a celebration of actress Goldie Hawn and her magnificent hair. With her gorgeous golden locks, Goldie Hawn has been a style icon since the 1960s. Here are some of her hair highlights through the years.
Fashion Natalia Vodianova Has a Girl Crush on Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" Supermodel Natalia Vodianova opens up about how she got her start modeling, what it's like to do a photoshoot with a piglet, and more in a video screen test with W's Editor at Large Lynn Hirschberg.
Celebrities 10 Famous Actresses Who Drastically Cut Their Hair Short For Movie Roles To prepare for dramatic roles, some actresses will undergo drastic hair transformations. Here are the leading ladies who have sported a shorter style for a part. A pair of actresses won an Oscar for their short-haired roles. One thespian went completely bald for a blockbuster superhero movie while another's character will always remember the 5th of November.
Art & Design Chameleons of the Art World: The Humans of Frieze New York Behold the magnificent creatures you find in the art world. To the untrained eye, they may all look the same, but look closer, and you’ll notice some rare, vivid organisms in fascinating styles of dress. We call them chameleons, and each year they gather for a spawning ritual known as Frieze New York, where we captured them in their natural habitat for our latest wildlife film.
Fashion Paris Hilton Breaks Down Her 13 Favorite 2000s Trends, And Why They're Still Hot Paris Hilton is here to tell you why the early 2000s were the hottest years in fashion history. But you already knew that, seeing that all her favorite looks—from tracksuits to trucker hats—are back in fashion. To help you look cute, she breaks down her 13 favorite trends from the decade and why you should still wear them. By the end of this video, you'll know exactly how to be the ultimate 2000s babe.
Beauty Rising Model Brii Hocutt Undergoes a Dramatic Transformation, Thanks to Legendary Hairstylist Garren Over the past few seasons, a number of models have seen their careers transformed by a well-timed haircut. There's no better example than Katie Moore, who has become a go-to model for Alexander Wang thanks to her edgy, bright red bob. Model Brii Hocutt, who moved to New York to pursue modeling in 2015, could be next: She's starting off 2017 with a radical makeover at the hands of celebrity hairstylist Garren, who transforms her long, faintly pink hair into a bold, blunt-cut bob.
Fashion India Salvor Menuez’s Version of Botticelli's The Birth of Venus Is Still Naked, but Much Snarkier Botticelli's The Birth of Venus has lived on as a landmark of lily white, idealized femininity for centuries, but in the model-actress India Salvor Menuez's take on the painting—and on idealized images of women in general—she's much more than that, and in fact quite full of snark. "I just want lunch," Menuez says in the latest edition of W's Worn series, taking care to shout out the space heaters keeping her going hidden behind the plants.
Celebrities Ruth Negga Reveals She's Embarrassed By Her Birthday And Doesn't Know Why Actress Ruth Negga (Preacher, Loving, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) confesses that she's funny about her birthday and is somewhat embarrassed by it. Turns out Negga always finds herself working on her birthday. However, when it comes to her childhood birthdays, all she cared about was cake and sweets.