Celebrities 11 Fierce Actresses Who Have Dominated Action Movies W Magazine presents eleven actresses who have dominated action movies. In the '70s and into the '80s, Sigourney Weaver and Pam Grier paved the way for future female action heroes. Angelina Jolie breathed new life back into female action movies in the 2000s. Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and Charlize Theron have continued to carry the torch.
Fashion Edward Enninful Reflects On Kate Moss, Kurt Cobain, And the Best Of '90s Fashion If anyone knows '90s fashion, it is Edward Enninful, W's outgoing style and fashion director, who will soon become British Vogue's first male editor-in-chief. As a model and stylist during the decade, Enninful became close friends with the likes of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. Here, a look back at the editor's close ties with the era, as well as some of its best fashion moments.
Celebrities Casey Affleck's Mom Hired a Backyard Belly Dancer For His Favorite Birthday Casey Affleck's birthday is only three days separated from his brother Ben Affleck's, so they typically have a joint birthday party. One year, their mom hired a belly dancer who performed in their backyard for friends and parents.
Celebrities Chris Hemsworth Got a Surfboard He Couldn't Wax on His Favorite Birthday Chris Hemsworth's favorite birthday was when he turned 15. On that day, the actor who plays Thor received a brand new surfboard from his parents. Even after all the fame and fortune Hemsworth has earned, he still thinks back to that surfboard he couldn't bring himself to wax.
Celebrities Inside W's Augmented Reality September Issue For its September issue, W unlocked a new magazine experience, extending the boundaries of print into the world of augmented reality with our new "Beyond the Page" app. Here, watch a preview.
Celebrities Katy Perry Confesses to Crying to Some of Her Own Songs “When I write them, they’re so personal,” Katy Perry says. “Sometimes, they’re about people who are no longer in my life or people I love so much or they’re about unrequited love.” Last time she went on tour, Perry says, she wanted to sing some of the songs on the album, but couldn’t because “I was too upset.” She also reveals she loves the musical “Dear Evan Hansen” and shower sing-offs with boyfriends."
Celebrities Brit Marling Was She-Ra Princess of Power on Her Favorite Birthday Brit Marling's favorite birthday was when she turned 4 and dressed up as She-Ra Princess of Power aka The Most Powerful Woman in the Universe. Don't worry, the normally revealing She-Ra costume was designed to be more kid-appropriate. Her friends at the party could only dress up as ancillary characters, but not one He-Man showed up. Now, Marling's thinking of throwing another She-Ra birthday party just so some He-Man characters attend.
Celebrities Michael Shannon Was Genuinely Surprised at His 30th Birthday Party Michael Shannon's favorite birthday was a total surprise. For his 30th birthday, Shannon's friends threw him a surprise party at Weeds bar in Chicago. Contrary to popular belief, Shannon liked the surprise, mostly because it was a great turnout. Shannon admits it wasn't difficult to get him to go to the bar and confesses that he didn't scream, but he did lose control of one bodily function.
Art & Design Adrienne Gaither: Bending the Rules of Geometric Abstraction | Inspired to Create See Washington D.C. artist Adrienne Gaither work on one of her geometric abstractionist paintings while discussing her inspiration, her experiences as a woman in the art world and her latest piece – a bottle made in collaboration with LIFEWTR. To see this and other artists’ work, visit
Art & Design How Hiplet, a Powerful Fusion of Hip Hop and Ballet, Is Redefining the Dance World After founding the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center in 1981, Homer Bryant realized that by blending rap and ballet he might be able to get kids interested in dance, and thus Hiplet was born. In the two years since Homer Bryant first posted a video online of his students performing Hiplet, a dance movement that blends ballet on pointe with hip hop, it has become an all-out cultural phenomenon. “We’ve traveled all over the world and gotten over a billion views,” says Bryant.
Celebrities Jodie Comer's Parents Aren't Thrilled With Her "The White Princess" Nude Scenes As the star of the hit Starz show "The White Princess," Jodie Comer plays a young queen, who just so happens to get naked from time to time. As it turns out, her dad isn't the hugest fan. "Nude scenes aren't great for anyone, I don't think," she says. Here, the actress talks her crush on Paul Rudd, why shopping is her secret skill, and more.
Celebrities Rupert Friend Made Out With Johnny Depp In His First Movie Role Before he became Peter Quinn on Showtime's "Homeland," Rupert Friend scored his first film role opposite Johnny Depp in 2004's "The Libertine." Here, the actor describes making out with Depp, how he almost didn't get the "Homeland" job, and why Daniel Day-Lewis is his ultimate acting icon.