Celebrities Johnny Flynn's First Kiss Was with the Girl Who Became His Wife The star of the Emmy-nominated TV series "Genius" was not always a young Einstein. Here, he reflects on his very first kiss—with the woman who turned out to be his wife.
Celebrities Brit Marling Has A Lot of Thoughts About She-Ra: Princess Of Power When it comes to television, Brit Marling has some strong feelings when it comes to "My So-Called Life," "20/20," and "She-Ra: Princess Of Power." Here, "The OA" actress lets it all come out.
Celebrities Milo Ventimiglia Loves, Loves Disneyland Milo Ventimiglia is not afraid to admit he loves Disneyland. Growing up, he used to go so often, he can recite all seven dwarves’ names by heart. Here, he acts out his favorite rides from the theme park, which turns 62 today, from Big Thunder Mountain to the Matterhorn Bobsleds. And, he swears that Haunted Mansion is the best place for a date. “It’s slow moving and you’re taking it easy. That was the place to go,” he says.
Celebrities Chris Hemsworth Thinks Charlize Theron Should Be the New James Bond Actor Chris Hemsworth has a great idea: Charlize Theron should play the new James Bond and he can be a Bond boy.
Celebrities Charlize Theron Talks Atomic Blonde and James Bond Charlize Theron is a badass in her new film, Atomic Blonde. In fact, it proves she would make an amazing James Bond.
Celebrities Actress Sanaa Lathan On What It's Really Like to Do a Sex Scene Shots Fired star Sanaa Lathan reflects on the career she almost had before becoming an actress, what it's like to shoot a sex scene and more in a new video interview.
Celebrities Claire Foy Was Very, Very Pregnant When She Auditioned for The Crown In a new video interview, British actress Claire Foy talks about how she got her role in The Crown, what it was like to go back to work after having a baby, and why she has a celebrity crush on Mark Ruffalo.
Celebrities Alexander Skarsgård's First Kiss Made Him Cry Alexander Skarsgård's memory of his first kiss isn't exactly a positive one. Luckily, he still has his childhood crush of Jessica Lange in 'Tootsie' to still pine after, all these years later. The "Big Little Lies" actor also opens up about tasting Dr. Pepper for the very first time, trying to make cowboy boots cool in Sweden, and his brief experience as a child actor.
Celebrities Keri Russell Acts Out the Reactions to That Infamous Felicity Haircut Keri Russell has come to the terms with the fact that her haircut in the second season of "Felicity" looked like a Chia Pet, she just wishes other people would get over the "crazy backlash" from nearly 20 years ago. She also opens up about auditioning for the Mickey Mouse Club, her first kiss, her crush on Ethan Hawke, and how her character in "The Americans" makes a tired mom feel like a panther.
Celebrities Milo Ventimiglia's Favorite Birthdays Had Batman and Bowling Milo Ventimiglia can't pick just one favorite birthday, he's got three! The "This Is Us" actor's first pick was when he turned 21 and ghosted everyone to eat pizza and watch movies at a hotel by himself. His second choice was when he was a kid and had a Batman-themed party to express his love for Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne. Ventimiglia's last choice was his 39th, when he was surrounded by all the people who've made a positive impact on his life.
Celebrities Kate Middleton's Hairstyles Through The Years W Magazine takes a look back at Kate Middleton's hairstyles over the years. The princess debuted chopped locks at Wimbledon, but she's been perfecting her hair since before her marriage to Prince William. The Duchess of Cambridge sported natural curls at the wedding of Laura Parker-Bowles and Harry Lope in 2006, tousled waves at the Cheltenham Festival in 2007, side-parted curls at the wedding of Lady Rose Windsor and George Gilman, a classy half updo at her own wedding to Prince William.
Celebrities Your Favorite Celebrities Pick Their Favorite Spice Girls The Spice Girls exploded onto the music scene in July 1996. As a tribute, W Magazine asked the question, "Who's your favorite Spice Girl?" to Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Milo Ventimiglia, Alexander Skarsgard, Jodie Comer, Claire Foy, Johnny Flynn, and Brit Marling.