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Celebrities Barbra Streisand's Favorite Birthday Was So Beautiful She Fell Off A Chair Singer-actress Barbra Streisand’s favorite birthday was when her son, Jason Gould, surprised her with a mammoth multimedia presentation. Gould presented an amazing film he’d made for his mother that featured pictures of them from when he was a baby. Jason also sang a song and played a record that was so beautiful she literally fell off her chair! From that point on, she and her son traveled together on tour to sing almost every night.
Celebrities Gigi Hadid Had a Kobe Bryant Cake at Her Best Birthday Party Ever Model Gigi Hadid’s favorite birthday was when she turned 13. The Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model went to a Los Angeles Lakers game with her parents and friends where she got to see her favorite player Kobe Bryant. Hadid wore a yellow and purple wig, her Kobe Bryant jersey, and even had a Kobe Bryant cake.
Fashion Lion Babe's Jillian Hervey Has Made Her Mom Vanessa Williams' Silver Sequined Leotard Her Own "It's like the energy of my body is shooting disco light." Jillian Hervey, the singer, songwriter, and dancer who records as Lion Babe, made off with a silver sequined leotard from her mom Vanessa Williams's closet when she left for college. Since then, she's made the "amazing" piece her own — and here, she explains how, while highlighting her mother's legacy.
Celebrities Samantha Bee and Jason Jones, Former 'Daily Show' Correspondents and Real-Life Couple, Discuss Falling in Love Samantha Bee and Jason Jones, the political commentators and comedians who both formerly starred on 'The Daily Show,' are a couple off-screen. Here, they recount the moment they fell in love (on a camping trip that took an unexpected turn) and sound off on personal quirks.
Celebrities Anya Taylor-Joy Was Starstruck by Saoirse Ronan On Her Birthday In this episode of Birthday Stories, actress Anya Taylor-Joy (from "Split", "Morgan", and "The Witch") talks about her favorite birthday. She says her parents took her to see the 2016 Broadway revival of Arthur Miller's The Crucible. That's when she was absolutely starstruck by "Brooklyn" actress Saoirse Ronan. Taylor-Joy admits she had no chill and needed to take a breather after hanging out with Saoirse. The two starlets hit it off over witches!
Fashion Pharrell, Lily Collins and More Read Chanel's Seven Most Inspiring Quotes Nearly a century after her heyday, Chanel founder Gabrielle Chanel continues to be a touchstone in fashion and a model for women across the industry. Here, Chanel favorites like Amber Valletta, Lily Collins, Kiernan Shipka, and Pharrell Williams come together to revisit some of her best, most inspiring expressions.
Celebrities "Wonder Woman" Star Gal Gadot Was a Very Reluctant Pageant Queen When Gal Gadot was 18, she entered the Miss Israel pageant, almost on a whim — and she won. From there, she was shepherded off to the Miss Universe competition, where she was "very naughty" in order to avoid another triumph. She didn't set out to be an actress — instead, she studied law and international relations — but when she started going to castings, she realized "acting is so much more fun." Get to know one of the newest members of the DC Comics universe, here.
Celebrities Elle Fanning Loved Her Chuck E. Cheese's Birthday Party So Much, She Got Up to Dance with the Mouse Elle Fanning’s most memorable birthday party took place at the "essential spot" Chuck E. Cheese’s. Fanning, ever the bold one, got up to dance with the mascot himself while the rest of her friends' parents looked on in awe — and she has video footage to prove it.
Celebrities Kate Hudson, Actress and Activewear Entrepreneur, Explores the Sounds of Sequins in ASMR "I don't know if you can hear, but my jeans are screaming right now," says actress Kate Hudson. Hudson, the co-founder of online activewear retailer Fabletics, plays with the sounds of different fabrics — including mesh, denim, and sequins — and what happens when you slice into them with fabric shears, in ASMR.
Celebrities Jeff Bridges and His Band, The Abiders, Enjoy Playing "Big Lebowski" Festivals Actor Jeff Bridges — who starred in 2016's "Hell or High Water" and remains beloved for his role in "The Big Lebowski" — discusses his early resistance to acting, his first kiss, and memorable gigs with his band, The Abiders, in this wide-ranging interview with W.
Celebrities Dev Patel Got a "Pretty Woman"-Style Makeover for the "Slumdog Millionaire" Red Carpet Dev Patel, who landed his first on-screen role in the cult British teen drama "Skins," recalls his first major red carpet — at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the then-17-year-old actor premiered "Slumdog Millionaire." That was the moment he went from high street to high fashion, à la Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman." Get to know Patel — and his cinematic crushes, from Rooney Mara to Bruce Lee — in his screen test.
Celebrities Dakota Fanning Had Her First Kiss While Playing a Young Reese Witherspoon Actress Dakota Fanning had her first kiss while playing a young Reese Witherspoon in "Sweet Home Alabama," but her first kiss in real life happened in her parents' driveway. See Fanning recount both her awkward first kisses and more in a candid interview with W's editor-at-large Lynn Hirschberg.