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Celebrities For Actor Michael Shannon, On-Screen Sex Scenes Are Just Like Sex, But Without the Pleasure Michael Shannon discusses his first on-screen sex scene — with Kim Basinger in '8 Mile' — and the awkward encounter that followed. In this intimate interview, he also reveals his childhood celebrity crush and the circumstances of his first kiss — which, by the way, was totally unexpected. Because he didn't listen to Bon Jovi.
Celebrities Mahershala Ali Spent His Best Birthday Stranded with Video Games at Circus Circus Mahershala Ali got stranded in Reno due to a blizzard on the way to a family retreat in Lake Tahoe for a surprise birthday party. While stuck for two days, they made the best of it by playing video games at the Circus Circus casino.
Celebrities At 49, Actress Nicole Kidman Is Still Quite Impressionable Nicole Kidman, who was recently nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her work in 'Lion,' opens up about her relationship with husband Keith Urban ("Does that make me high maintenance?" she wonders), her first kiss (while watching 'The Shining'), and how, at 49, she's still quite impressionable. Next up, she'll star in HBO's 'Big Little Lies' and Sofia Coppola's 'The Beguiled.'
Celebrities Kathryn Newton, HBO's Next Big Star, Leaves It All in the Ring — And Then, She Gets a Slice of Pie Meet Kathryn Newton, the young star of HBO's new series 'Big Little Lies' with Laura Dern, Zoë Kravitz, Nicole Kidman, and more. She takes you inside her Los Angeles, stopping at her favorite boxing ring for a quick spar before heading over to the best spot to get pie after a long day of shooting. She works out all her aggression in the ring, but her spirit animal? A poodle.
Celebrities Jasmine Sanders, Better Known as Golden Barbie, Can Definitely Sing, But Only in the Shower Model Jasmine Sanders opens up about the ins and outs of her personal routine — her penchant for shower singing and dancing around her apartment (with a shot or some wine here and there) — and the coded messages in her many tattoos. The clothes hanger on her finger, for example? "A human hanger," she says, "because that's my lovely job."
Celebrities Adam Driver Hates Halloween, But Loves His Dog More than Anything Adam Driver talks about working with director Jim Jarmusch for the film Paterson, why he hates Halloween, his first kiss, and more in an intimate video interview.
Celebrities Michelle Williams Could Sleep Under a Banner of Barbra Streisand's Face Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Williams hasn't seen 'Manchester by the Sea' — the film for which she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress — but just give her time. She's just not about said movies right now; instead, she and her daughter are both having a Barbra Streisand moment. Williams recalls her favorite movies growing up, tries to remember her first kiss, and revisits the 'Baywatch' years in this wide-ranging interview ahead of the 69th annual Academy Awards.
Celebrities 'Veep's' Sam Richardson Wishes Julia Louis-Dreyfus Were Really President 'Veep' star Sam Richardson, who appears in this year's 'Detroiters,' takes you on a tour of his essential Los Angeles haunts, from his favorite record store to the gym he may or may not frequent. ("I'm from Detroit," he wants you to know. "But I embrace any place I am.") All the while, he recounts his favorite moments running scenes with co-star Julia Louis-Dreyfus and discusses his upcoming Comedy Central series.
Celebrities Emma Stone & Natalie Portman Audition as Chunk from 'The Goonies' Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, and Ruth Negga audition for the role of Chunk in the classic 1985 film “The Goonies.” Watch the actresses’ interpretations of this iconic role.
Celebrities Photographers “Always Ask” Kate Moss to Take Her Clothes Off "Even though I didn't like my body at all, I just had to get comfortable with it," explains Kate Moss. Here, the British supermodel talks about what it was like to shoot that famous Calvin Klein ad with Marky Mark, her childhood crush on David Bowie, and her first kiss.
Celebrities When It Comes to On-Screen Kisses, Naomie Harris Prefers Not Too Much Tongue Actress Naomie Harris was nominated for her first Academy Award, Best Supporting Actress, for her role in ‘Moonlight,’ in which she plays the drug-addicted mother of Chiron, a young man coming to terms with his sexuality as he grows up in the projects of Miami. In this wide-ranging interview, Harris reflects on her first-ever on-screen kiss — in a student film at age 21 — her lingering fear of the dark, and her childhood dreams of Michael Jackson rescuing her from schoolyard bullies.
Celebrities Matthew McConaughey Can't Stand False Drama Or the Word "Unbelievable" In Matthew McConaughey's household growing up, "stocking stuffers" meant Q-tips, cotton balls, and nail clippers. His dad, attracted to "shady deals," invested in diamond mines and stolen Rolex watches. Here, the actor, who stars in this season's critically acclaimed film 'Gold,' recounts his eccentric childhood, from his fleeting interest in skateboards to his first kiss, and the father who informed his 'Gold' character.