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Art & Design

Art & Design Inspired To Create, Series 1: Jason Woodside. A revealing conversation with the New York painter Watch Jason Woodside at work in his Brooklyn studio. In this video the artist talks about his inspiration, his approach to public art, and painting on planes. Woodside also shows off his latest work – a collaboration with LIFEWTR - which is taking his art to a whole new audience. To see his and other artists’ work with LIFEWTR, head to
Art & Design Banks Prepares for a Magical Guggenheim Gala, with Dior's Maria Grazia Chiuri as Her Fairy Godmother Go behind the scenes of the Dior and Guggenheim International Gala pre-party as musician Banks prepares for her first show in support of her new album — in a dark fairytale of a custom gown by Dior's Maria Grazia Chiuri.
Art & Design Sarah Jones & Company React to the US Election Sarah Jones
Art & Design "God" by Ragnar Kjartansson See a clip of "God," a performance by Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson.
Art & Design "A Lot of Sorrow" by Ragnar Kjartansson See a clip of "A Lot of Sorrow," a performance by the Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson.
Art & Design How Artist Yung Jake Created a Likeness of Gigi Hadid Out of Emojis Los Angeles-based artist Yung Jake creates renderings of pop culture icons because, as he recently texted in an interview, "when things are iconic/famous it's safe to assume most people have they're relationship with that thing so it fills an object with energy in a way." Here, he imagines supermodel Gigi Hadid as modeled out of smileys, donuts, radioactive symbols, and oranges.
Art & Design placebo pets For the tenth anniversary of W's November art issue, supermodels Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are inducted into the futuristic world of Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin. The resulting project, commissioned for W and titled "placebo pets," features the two models as ultra-domesticated, ultra-friendly humanoid creatures and performance artist and frequent Fitch and Trecartin collaborator Jesse Hoffman as their extraterrestrial "owner." Video © Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin
Art & Design Yayoi Kusama's Glass House Takeover: Go Behind the Polka-Dot Scenes "There is basically nothing to worry about," said the artist Yayoi Kusama of how now, at 87, she sends teams from her studio and gallery to do her site-specific installations in places far from her home in Japan. Her latest target? The Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut, where she turned Philip Johnson's see-through structure into a riot of polka dots for "Dots Obsession." See the installation process play out via a time-lapse video by Matthew Placek, here.
Art & Design Terry Jones's Hands On Approach to W's September Issue As the guest editor of W's September 2016 issue, the legendary British art director Terry Jones went back to his roots, using hand graphics and manual typewriters to create the special collector's edition. "My role has been that of taskmaster and creative agitator," Jones explained. Watch him in action here.
Art & Design Ryan McNamara’s “Battleground”: Behind the Scenes of the Artist’s Guggenheim Performance An exclusive look at the artist’s three-night-only performance in the Guggenheim Museum’s Wright-designed Peter B. Lewis Theater, featuring cosplay costumes and epic dance battles.
Art & Design Behind the Scenes with Jean-Paul Goude "Everything here is manipulated. There's not one image that's not manipulated," says controversial visual artist Jean-Paul Goude about his new show, "So Far So Goude," organized by Tod's in Milan. Go behind the scenes, here.
Art & Design Miley Cyrus Gets Steamy for Planned Parenthood Go behind the scenes of Miley Cyrus's steamy shoot for Planned Parenthood with New York artist Marilyn Minter.